Minőség, megbízhatóság
tőlünk, önöknek!
Minőség, megbízhatóság
tőlünk, önöknek!
Minőség, megbízhatóság
tőlünk, önöknek!

Used- and import car finder

Our company deals exclusively Offer proof record, genuine import of cars. Superannuated, dubious past sale of vehicles, we will not yet at the level of ideas.

Luxury designer, known and recognized, premium brands in different types of selling and dealing with all this is not unattainable price has been offering existing customers and new customers alike.
Making use of our many amenities hassle you save yourself from the nuisance of queuing, technical testing leszervezésének procedúráján through the labyrinths of the credit administration jam redressed. We established roads, but not the loopholes used to obtain genuine documents.
Import cars
Check out the full list of our import cars!
Used cars
Used cars affordable price. View our used car deals.
Rent a car
Quality and reliable car hire, hire. Cheap car hire standard of excellence.
Import car
With us time, save you money. Our company is working on a short notice, or import a new car's name is printed in three days.
Car dealership
Used, but import quality used cars we offer our customers. imported from abroad, licensed cars are guaranteed a good state of repair.
Car acquisitions
For cash, the highest daily price will buy your tired, you want to replace your car - at a reasonable price. No buttons to give it.
We offer the registration of your new car in Hungary, and all the necessary administration in the registration offices.
Credit administration
Pick your new car from our selection and we will take care of the entire credit procedure, chosing the most benefitial options for you.
Our professional history is the proof: we don't terrorize our clients with inferior cars, nor bureaucratic mazes.
Our company sells imported cars
The vehicles order, we bring into the country from abroad, so they are not in Hungary or just hard to reach capacity, high-end cars. Just think that there is a difference between what a German roads ran the local general practitioner and a family car sold at home bontószökevény. A customer who turns to us we are all alone in the car selection, based on specified parameters. Our company does the rest and within three days whether the car enroll the customer's name. The salary is the presence of a lawyer, following the rules of the law occurs.
Import car? Matipro!